Who is Joel?


The little boy who wouldn't shut up

Is now the man who is always listening.


From his beginnings in small-market radio where he started in 2004,

and hosted a weekday show on Retro Radio, the Peach 99.3, to his burgeoning podcast empire and production service, Pro Podcasting Services,  and the 1000+ blog entries he's written in between, Joel's never had a problem getting his message across.

Father of four and the lucky husband of one, Joel loves discussing his kids and wife with anyone that will listen. With the family, he likes discussing Marvel Superheroes, great music and whatever the latest project is he's hatched in the studio.

Now owner/Chief Editing Officer of ProPodcastingServices.com Joel is helping podcasters, authors and more spread their messages and amplify their voices.

An NBA fan since birth, an Apple user since 2008, blogger since 2003, podcaster since 2012, Joel is an open book, mostly now in audio form.