Podcasting 101 $0

A 30 Minute Podcast Crash Course
Podcasting is changing the world. Whether you're a would-be podcaster, an active podcaster who feels like they missed the first on-ramp or just a podcast listener hoping to better understand the medium and industry this course is for you. In less than half an hour, you'll discover the origins of podcasting, it's connection to Apple and iTunes and just what the heck a "media host" is for.

Includes Monetization 101!

Discover the basics of how podcasters are making money from and with their show. You'll learn about crowdfunding, direct support, ad sales, and using your business as a funnel for your own business.

iPad Podcasting 2.0 $97

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From my first day in radio in 2004, from my first podcast recording in 2012, from the day I went independent as a podcast producer and consultant in 2016, I've always been looking for better tools.

With the launch of the iPad it seemed like truly anything was possible from anywhere, but frankly the software (and the human users) weren't quite ready.

Over the last three years, I've been experimenting with recording, editing, producing and publishing podcasts all from iOS devices. For the last eighteen months, I've been doing it completely not only for my own shows, but client's as well.

If you'd like to jumpstart your iPad Podcasting know-how or ditch the desktop from your studio and your show, join us for this course. I can't wait to help you take your show to the tablet. - Joel Sharpton, Chief Editing Officer, Pro Podcasting Services

Podcast Launch Pack $1500

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Package includes:
3 hours of consultation ($450 value)
Intro and Outro ($200 value)
Media host setup and
Podcast Directory Submission ($200 value)
Podcast logo creation ($300 value)
Website assessment and integration ($150 value)
Podcasting 101 Course ($97 value)

iPad Podcasting Course ($97 value) 

And your first episode edited and produced ($150 value)

Podcast Intro/outro Voice $200 Music sourcing $50

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Choose from male or female voices. Get 2 revisions based on your notes and 72 hour initial turnaround. We'll either mix and master with your existing music or give us your preferred genre, mood and tone and we'll locate a great theme for you.