MCU Rewatch Post-Endgame viewing 4. Thor (2011)

This is part of a series of blog posts, discussing my rewatch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe FOLLOWING my viewing Avengers: Endgame on opening weekend. If you HAVE NOT seen Endgame, I suggest you wait to read these posts as I will be mentioning and referencing plot points from the most recent film(s) including Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

4. Thor (2011)


Thor is the only character in the MCU that has had nearly as great a character arc as Tony Stark. And unlike, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The Thor we’re introduced in this film is light years away from the Thor who stands against Thanos in the final battle of Endgame.

This film has some of the best performances of the first batch of MCU films, but some of the worst action and cinematography in my opinion. It looks cheaper and less polished than the first outing from either Iron Man, Hulk or Captain America. The work between Hemsworth, Hopkins and Hiddelston (just occurred to me how crazy that sounds), is insanely good, even in this first film. It is absolutely enough to hang an otherwise somewhat clunky film on.

One of my favorite aspects of this film (and one of the only redeeming factors of its sequel) is the “Scooby Squad” that surrounds Jane Foster, Darcy and Erik Selvig are delightful, and I sincerely hope that we see Darcy again in the future fo the MCU even if Natalie Portman isn’t interested in returning to Jane Foster (I am fairly certain her scenes in Endgame were stock footage).

I don’t LOVE the Hawkeye introduction here, only because it’s SO heavy handed with the gun/bow difference before we see or hear from him, but the rest of it plays pretty well. I especially like that he’s “rooting for (Thor)” at the end of the approach to Mjolnir. I really wish Barton had gotten a Phase One intro at least as large as Black Widow’s, it’s one of the few big misses in my opinion for the MCU.

That moment sets up a great one between Loki and Thor where Loki tells him that “Mother has forbidden your return.” with Thor and Friga’s story in Endgame this is even more resonate now. Thor is and always has been, a Mama’s boy.

The final act is mostly a mess, but Thor’s sacrifice and resurrection is good, the final stuff with Loki and Thor on the Rainbow Bridge is quite good, and the final lines with Heimdall make me smile every time.

The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster is an interesting one, these two actors have chemistry (at least to me) and I’m sad that we’re not likely to get much resolution with Foster’s character as Natalie Portman isn’t interested seemingly in having her “Pepper Potts-Rescue” moment, even though the Jane Foster-Thor comic run is really interesting. Maybe she’ll change her mind someday.