Nixon/Trump or, How 2016 is NOT 1968

I read the text of this yesterday after reading the leaked text of Trump's speech. I've been fascinated by the comparison many have made of this summer to 1968.

That's hyperbole in the worst sense. 100's of cities ended up with riots in 1968 and campuses across the country were overtaken by their students as the populace literally went to war with each other over the war they were fighting abroad.

2016 is not 1968. We've got our problems, but we've come farther and are safer now than anyone in 1968 could have possibly imagined. That doesn't mean the work is finished. But it also makes it hard for me to believe that Richard Nixon, a man shamed out of the office of President, a harsh, calculating, and abrasive man even to those he called ally, Tricky Dick himself talked about "law and order" in 1968 as Trump did last night. But even a half century ago, even from Nixon, those words were surrounded with more sense, more conciliation towards the opposition, more tact and basic human decency (including specifically calling out and dismissing the racist "dog-whistle" connotations of the "law and order" campaign.

Basically, I'm saying this. If you make Nixon look reasonable and tender-hearted, maybe you should never ever get to be President, of your book club, your homeowners association, your company and definitely not the United States of America. God bless us, every one. And may be "bless" Donald's little heart all the way back to reality TV.


Wish I Was: A Song for Me and Kelly

I’ve loved The Avett Brothers since the first moment I discovered them. They connected with me like few artists have in my life. I thought the pinnacle of that was February Seven from the album The Carpenter. It reminds me of the way I feel about my children, and watching them grow up. It reminds me of meeting Kelly. I never thought they’d have another song that would affect me so completely. I was wrong.

Wish I Was is a new song they’re playing on tour and I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of their next album. As I was singing it tonight and watching this video for the 100th time, Kelly remarked that in all the times she’d heard me sing it she didn’t know it was the Avett Brothers.

So, for Kelly and everyone else that hasn’t fallen in love with it yet, here it is.


But I want you to know that it may be the Avett Brothers who wrote and sing this song, but it’s FOR me and Kelly.

The whole thing pretty much feels like I wrote it, describing exactly conversations we've had before about the way I feel about my Beautiful. She thinks I'm silly, but it's cute when I get to the part about being her sweater. ;)

This is the part though that I end up repeating the most though. For all my failures, large and small, I just sing this now and she's reminded of my pretty words and that they're all for her now.

I’m not a song, I’m not a sweater.

I’m not a fire. I’m something better.

I’’m a man in love, writing you a letter.

Will you take it? Will you keep it?

Will you read it? Believe it?

I love you. I’m sorry.

Put your Eyes (and Ears) on Joel with my new Video Blog


I'd love it if you subscribed to the channel and especially if you shared it with friends that are independent contractors, or thinking about going that direction, I'd love to hear their feedback on my journey.

It's always scary "going alone" but it's less scary when you know there's a crowd cheering you on (especially if some of that crowd has come this way before!).

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year!

Hope for the Future

Want to know why I don't think our future is bleak? Why I'm not stockpiling for the apocalypse?Because of kids like this:


Nobody can decide what you will do, except for you.

That's wisdom from the back patio. The kind you can only get when you spend a little of your day watching ants crawl around.

I've said it before but it bears repeating. My sons (5 and 3 1/2) don't hate. They aren't racist or sexist or prejudiced against any religion or ethnicity. We'd have to teach them that. And Lord knows we're all good at teaching hate. And mistrust. It's perhaps the thing we're best at passing on.

It doesn't have to be that way. And increasingly, it seems, that it's not that way. The generational gap on the question of Marriage Equality is a great example of this. Young people (conservative and liberal alike) do not see Same-Sex Marriage as a divisive issue. They see it as a simple matter of Civil Liberties (mostly).

I see the ways in which my father (66 this year) is more hospitable and understanding than his father's generation. Then I see the progress my generation has made from there. My children are already smarter, more loving and accepting than I am. How do people get so caught up in the forecasts of doom?

Someday, our children will inherit the Earth (and the quest to find what's beyond it), as long as we don't destroy it now that we're beginning to take our turn at the helm I have no doubt that our childrens' childrens' future will be as limitless as the kid philosopher's imagination and curiosity.

Haiku For Video

I am currently busily writing 6 second movies. Why, you ask? Vine.It's a new video sharing app that imposes a six second time limit. One of the primary reasons for such a limit, might be that it's difficult to browse a newsfeed of videos (ala Instagram photo browsing) when they're any longer than that.

But regardless of why the limit came into existence, its presence turns the app into a new art form. One custom built for the modern mobile web.

I've only begun to play with it myself, but already some real talents have arisen.

What are the limits of narrative? How quickly can you share an idea or story? How complex can a six second script be?

It's fun. It's challenging. It's new. And I'm fascinated.

Six second movies, incoming.



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Romney’s and Ryan’s Economic Plan

If you think you’re undereducated about economics, and its intersection with politics, Robert Reich’s blog is a pretty good place to start correcting it.


In another life, I was an actor. This is one of the only performances I have a quality copy of, it’s also one of my favorite performances ever. “Buddy’s Blues” from “Follies” by Stephen Sondheim.

God, I like applause. 



A Printer That Can Build a House in 20 Hours

via theAtlanticCities:

Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California, has spent the last 15 years working on a machine that will “print” buildings. He’s still working on it, but in the TedTalk video below, you can see the prototype at work. Various nozzles and robots slide around on a giant grid of mobile bars and rails, mixing cement, laying electrical wire, and installing rebar. He calls the practice Contour Crafting.

I’ve watched three videos now discussing this project. I think this technology is the single most important next step for the world.

Extending shelter to all the people of the world (and revolutionizing the housing market and industry in the developed world) could jump start a whole new wave of human development.


Whatever you were doing. Stop doing it. Start watching this instead.

Whatever the movie ends up being, this trailer/sizzle reel is a work of art.


This is either going to be epic, or an epic fail — there is no in between.


I’ve been very proud of what I’ve been doing with Two Guys, One Podcast. But this is the coolest thing I’ve ever worked on.

Made with Paper (for iOS) and put together using iMovie on my Mac. This is Son #1’s debut as a screenwriter, so, be kind. 


“It won’t take away your manhood, it’ll give it to you.”

#truestory Being a dad is the best thing I’ve ever or will ever do.

Not having kids, being a dad.



More reasons love Louis C.K.: “I’m going to be a dad, I’m not just going to be mom’s assistant. That’s depressing.”


From Louis CK. The best video on the truth of being a dad?

This man is my patronus.


I could watch this video all day. The world is huge and magical. Take a moment and smile about that today.


What is frazil ice? Now that it’s summertime, tourists are starting to visit America’s natural wonders like Yosemite National Park. But summertime isn’t the only good time of year to see nature in all of its glory… check out the March/April phenomenon of frazil ice. It’s like a lava-like slurpee-flow!

Bonus footage of the Yosemite Falls waterfall that freezes before it hits bottom. Nature is awesome. 

via Stellar.


Once the NBA Finals are over, this is where all my focus goes. “Breaking Bad” is the best straight drama on TV and the best show not named “Game of Thrones” that’s currently still airing.

Let’s get cooking.