What I Listened to Last Week: Week ending July 24th, 2016

A new blog series, highlighting 5 great podcast episodes that I listened to last week. Hat tip for the idea to Chad Brooks of The Productive Pastor.

I use Overcast links which will allow you to play the episode in any good browser and have iTunes subscription links below each highlighted episode.

Week ending July 24th, 2016

Being Honest With My Ex: 1: Introducing My Ex

A perfect example of the kind of thing that can only happen in the Podcasting world. Two Austrailan ex's cohost a weekly chat about the lives and love. Interesting, open often hilarious conversation between former fiancée's. Subscribe in iTunes here.

AlphaBeatical - And I Love Her

The only music podcast I listen to regularly, these buddies discuss each and every Beatles song alphabetically, of course! I'm working my way through the catalog and here's where I was last week.  Subscribe in iTunes here.

My Brother, My Brother And Me: 313: Bone Dry Feeners

The brothers spent a long time talking about a gritty reboot of Canadian children's TV program, Today's Special. Yes. This is the best episode of MBMBaM ever!!!! Subscribe in iTunes here.

You Must Remember This - The Blacklist part 16

A brilliant show that always surprises me with some piece of trivia about Old Hollywood. The Blacklist series has been especially wonderful and this one was no exception. Subscribe on iTunes here.

Beyond Bourbon Street - The History of the Streetcar

Mark Balogna is a friend (and full disclosure a client, I did the intros for this show), but he's also a great Podcaster. This is my regular dip into the amazing city I've loved my whole life but only lived in for a few short years. This episode in particular is a highlight as he shares the history of the streetcar! Subscribe in iTunes here.