2016 Movie Reviews: Man of Steel

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18. Man of Steel    

Watched on July 22nd, 2016

I was so disappointed by this movie when it launched that I didn't bother watching Batman v Superman in the theatre, or even when it first launched on digital video. Once the "ultimate edition" finally came out I thought I should revisit this one to give the story the most fair chance of hitting home.

It's weird the things that stick out on a second viewing (or in this case third total). This time I noticed Clark saving a lot more people than I ever gave him credit for in my initial viewing. I enjoyed the initial parts of Zod's performance and especially enjoyed the human characters roles in helping Clark along the course of the film (Lois on the ship with Jor-El, the Colonel and Richard Schiff in destroying the World Engine. There's still almost an hour too much of pure punching at the end, and I'm still bothered by introducing a Superman who kills in his first public outing. But the themes and the visuals of this film are hard to argue with. Several good performances (including Cavill’s who I overlooked originally) buoy a script that’s a little leaden in the dialogue department and Kevin Costner infuriates in the ways that his character deviates from traditional “Pa Kent” but also thrills in the quality of his performance and the genuineness of his parental directions for Clark.

It’s a frustrating movie, that I can’t wait to see Warner Bros. continue to try to redeem. As I said, I have not seen Batman v Superman yet (it’s next!) but I HAVE seen the trailers for Justice League, and I AM IN for more of this universe, ham-handed stumbling first entries and all.