Nixon/Trump or, How 2016 is NOT 1968

I read the text of this yesterday after reading the leaked text of Trump's speech. I've been fascinated by the comparison many have made of this summer to 1968.

That's hyperbole in the worst sense. 100's of cities ended up with riots in 1968 and campuses across the country were overtaken by their students as the populace literally went to war with each other over the war they were fighting abroad.

2016 is not 1968. We've got our problems, but we've come farther and are safer now than anyone in 1968 could have possibly imagined. That doesn't mean the work is finished. But it also makes it hard for me to believe that Richard Nixon, a man shamed out of the office of President, a harsh, calculating, and abrasive man even to those he called ally, Tricky Dick himself talked about "law and order" in 1968 as Trump did last night. But even a half century ago, even from Nixon, those words were surrounded with more sense, more conciliation towards the opposition, more tact and basic human decency (including specifically calling out and dismissing the racist "dog-whistle" connotations of the "law and order" campaign.

Basically, I'm saying this. If you make Nixon look reasonable and tender-hearted, maybe you should never ever get to be President, of your book club, your homeowners association, your company and definitely not the United States of America. God bless us, every one. And may be "bless" Donald's little heart all the way back to reality TV.