What I Listened to Last Week: Week ending June 26th, 2016.

A new blog series, highlighting 5 great podcast episodes that I listened to last week. Hat tip for the idea to Chad Brooks of The Productive Pastor.

I use Overcast links which will allow you to play the episode in any good browser and have iTunes subscription links below each highlighted episode.


Week ending June 26th, 2016.


Robot or Not?: 51: Lego Simulated Worm Toy

I love this show so much. Jason Snell and John Siracusa cohost this ongoing exploration of the true nature of robotics. My eldest child just went through Lego Robotics camp and this episode blew his mind. Subscribe in iTunes here.

Fat Man on Batman: 131: Getting Punished with Lexi Alexander

Kevin Smith normally anchors this podcast focusing on Batman and the wider comics world, but he's on vacation this episode as cohost Marc Bernardin chats with Lexi Alexander, the director of Punisher: War Zone about her history in film and with Frank Castle directly. Subscribe in iTunes here.

MBMBaM 308: Burgertrees

The MacElroy brothers (Justin, Travis and Griffin) make me laugh every week. They answer emails from listeners and Yahoo Answers questions too, applying their own hilarious "homespun" advice. This episode was especially chuckleworthy. Subscribe in iTunes here


Imaginary Worlds Beware of CyberCity

In my continued binge of this great show, I came across this one. About what's really at stake in the and who is fighting it in secret for us. Subscribe in iTunes here


Lore 37: Passing Notes

Aaron Mahnke is such a good Podcaster, they're gonna make him a tv star. This episode is all about crossing over for contact with the other side. Subscribe in iTunes here.