2016 Movie Reviews: The Man From Snowy River

6.The Man From Snowy River

Watched on 4/29/16

There are a handful of movies that just say "childhood" to me. These movies don't necessarily have anything to do with childhood thematically, they just happen to be the movies that I watched ad nauseum IN my childhood.

Disney's Robin Hood and The Jungle Book, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Spaceballs and Weird Science, strangely Die Hard and then The Man From Snowy River. I don't know how my folks stumbled on this one, what friend suggested it, or if it was just serendipity that we found this one as a family, but it was one of the movies that we all (Mom, Dad, the siblings and me) loved equally.

First and foremost it's a romance, the story of a boy from nowhere that falls in love with a girl who has everything and all the reasons they shouldn't get together. But it's also a love story between these mountain men and their land, and the struggle with those who want to change everything.

It's also a damn fine adventure, with more exciting horse riding than any movie of its time had a right to have. I've recently heard that the lead actor was a novice rider before he took the role, but I'd never imagined him as anything other than the greatest Australian cowboy of all time.

It didn't all land for my boys like it did and does for me, but that solo slow motion ride down the cliffside absolutely blew their minds too. I'll save the Return to Snowy River for a few years down the road, but I'm ecstatic that this one is now just an iTunes stream away from me forever.

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