2016 Movie Reviews: X-Men

10. X-Men

Watched May 22, 2016

The first fifteen minutes play just as well today as they did in 2000. It's not until Paquin joins Logan in the truck and they're sideswiped by that terrible Sabertooth that the seams show at all. The first chapter is just note perfect for an X-Men movie.

What doesn't hold up, are the things that didn't play so well when it first came out. Storm, almost entirely is a miss. Especially the wig and accent.

The action is mostly pretty bad. Relying on a ton of bad wire-fu and sloppy CGI. Magneto is amazing until his plan is revealed and then he seems like a cooky old man.

The tease of Wolverine's next adventure is good, and the general team dynamics work even in this first outing. Anytime McKellen and Stewart share screentime it's magical. The modern superhero films owe this one a lot, but I'm also very glad we have outgrown this period.

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