2016 Movie Reviews: Deadpool


Watched 5/12/16

What can you say about a movie that is so perfectly itself? The behind the scenes saga that finally brought us this movie is worthy of a film

in its own right. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role, the fact that he finally got to do so in a true to the source adaptation is one of those times Hollywood really gets it right in spite of itself.

I'm not a huge fan of the character, never following the books regularly and only reading a handful completely. And I imagined that would be true of the film too. I support and celebrate anything that breaks the conventions and plays with the tropes we've come to expect in these films. Deadpool does all of that and more.

Probably don't show this one to Grandma or your kids (and depending upon her sense of humor, maybe your wife) and if any of that or the things you've heard so far have you worried, then I'd suggest letting this one pass you by. But if you love comics or comic book movies, and a little toilet humor never bothered you, then get yourself a copy of Deadpool and a sack full of chimichongas.

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