Four Years in the Studio Together: Always Listening's 2nd Anniversary

Four years ago this month, I talked my buddy Josh into walking into the studio and recording our first podcast. We called it Two Guys, One Podcast, and it was pretty ridiculous. We carried on for over two years and 100 episodes goofing off, hanging out and recording it all.

Somewhere along the way, we began discussing other podcasts that we had listened to before we started recording our show. By March of 2014, it was clear that those discussions would be a better show than the one we were doing every week.

We created Pod on Pod to help people find their next favorite podcast. We originally partnered with the guys at and launched our first three episodes on May 4th, 2014.

Since then, we've reviewed more than 100 different podcasts, and have published 98 episodes (episode 99 is recording on Friday). We've let that original show podfade (it lives on YouTube) and switched partners from ProCreate to BlogTalkRadio.

It's been a tremendous two years, and I'd first and foremost like to thank each and every one of our listeners. You've been amazing co-conspirators as we set about listening to every podcast in the known universe, and weeding out the good ones. Your feedback, reviews, discussion (through email and our Facebook group) has all been amazing, and I hope it never ends.

Secondly, I'd like to thank my wife and kids. Kelly especially, puts things on hold, holds down the fort and does without herself so that I have time to pursue this passion. She and Josh's wife, Rachel, are our two unheard Cohosts, without whom it would be impossible for our show to exist or continue.

Third and finally, I want to thank my long-suffering and hard-working partner, Josh. He's been a sounding board and a reality check, a negotiating bulldog and a politicking velvet hand. He's also got impeccable taste (except on those things that he disagrees with me about) and an unbelievably direct way of imparting those taste decisions. He is the Siskel to my Ebert, the Jay to my Bob, the Bert to my Ernie, and the day he decides he doesn't want to listen anymore, is the day this show dies.

But thankfully, that day ain't today. So, if you will, raise a glass to my compadre who is absent from the Internet in all but voice, and plug in your own personal favorite episode of Always Listening (or the classic, Pod on Pod) just for me and Josh.

Happy Anniversary, buddy! I'm Joel, he's Josh, and we are Always Listening.