Wish I Was: A Song for Me and Kelly

I’ve loved The Avett Brothers since the first moment I discovered them. They connected with me like few artists have in my life. I thought the pinnacle of that was February Seven from the album The Carpenter. It reminds me of the way I feel about my children, and watching them grow up. It reminds me of meeting Kelly. I never thought they’d have another song that would affect me so completely. I was wrong.

Wish I Was is a new song they’re playing on tour and I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of their next album. As I was singing it tonight and watching this video for the 100th time, Kelly remarked that in all the times she’d heard me sing it she didn’t know it was the Avett Brothers.

So, for Kelly and everyone else that hasn’t fallen in love with it yet, here it is.


But I want you to know that it may be the Avett Brothers who wrote and sing this song, but it’s FOR me and Kelly.

The whole thing pretty much feels like I wrote it, describing exactly conversations we've had before about the way I feel about my Beautiful. She thinks I'm silly, but it's cute when I get to the part about being her sweater. ;)

This is the part though that I end up repeating the most though. For all my failures, large and small, I just sing this now and she's reminded of my pretty words and that they're all for her now.

I’m not a song, I’m not a sweater.

I’m not a fire. I’m something better.

I’’m a man in love, writing you a letter.

Will you take it? Will you keep it?

Will you read it? Believe it?

I love you. I’m sorry.