Sweet Sick Days

Over the last month or so, I've had occasion to spend solo time with all four of my kiddos. Most of that time has been because they've been sick. Like today as I've got Eutaw while everyone else is at Church.

We've snuggled, and laughed and not taken our medicine, even when it was snuck into the yogurt! She played mommy to her baby doll for a while then slept beside daddy in the big bed for a while, then woke up and needed to be rocked in the living room for a while.


It stinks for your kids to be sick. Especially at night when they're coughing and wheezing and not sleeping peacefully. It's tough because of lost work time and medicine costs and all of that stuff.


But here's why it's awesome. You get focused love and attention on just one kid at a time. You get to physically and directly and observably serve them. They get to see you sacrificing for them. And you. You get to steal a little of that precious thing called time. The one you don't have remotely enough of. The one that's over too soon.

So, we're stealing time today. Coughing, wheezing, fussy time. In the rocker, or napping, or whatever else she wants. I almost can't wait until the next sick day.