Going it Alone (But Not Really, ‘Cause You Guys are Here, Right?)

Today is the final day of my $5 voiceover bonanza! It was a big success (in my opinion) and I want to say thank you especially to everyone who placed an order. In all, I booked $300 new dollars in voice work in the month of December. It was one of the big reasons why I made the decision to go fully independent and become a Sole Proprietor in 2016.

To tell you the truth, I was a little nostalgic when I pulled the trigger on this move. Why? Because I realized just how much like “dear old Dad” I’ve turned out to be.

Three generations of know-it-all jerks who couldn't work for anyone but themselves.
Three generations of know-it-all jerks who couldn't work for anyone but themselves.

Dad has, for my entire life and long before I was born, always been an Independent Contractor. A carpenter in his case, specifically. I was allowed on the job site, he even gave me some work (and therefore money) to buy a truck before I turned 15, but I was never encouraged to take up the family business. In fact, though I don’t recall it ever being said specifically, the message I got was “Do ANYTHING, but this. No matter how well you think it pays.” My dad always enjoyed his work (and still likes it now, though he likes less of it than he used to), but he never romanticized manual labor and he wanted a “desk job” for his boy. Sometimes I wonder as I’m using my standing desk if I’ve failed him in some strange way.

So, though I didn’t take up the hammer and the nail pouch, here I am 20 years later striking out on my own (I’m even thinking of signs for my vehicle and piling up the receipts for tax season. In the end, it was an easy decision. It acknowledges the habits and schedule I’ve been keeping anyway with my primary employer, and gives me even more flexibility for new projects (like that podcast you just can’t wait to have me edit!).

Needless to say, these are exciting times for me, I look forward to working with some of you and hearing from more of you in 2016. So, as I sort my receipts I’m thinking of Dad this morning. I’m glad I come from independent parents, and I’m glad my kids will have my independence as an example and option as they grow up.

Happy New Year! What are you working on? Can I help? Let’s get to work!