Joel's 100 Films in 2015: The Godfather

48. The Godfather

Watched 12/23/15


Kelly's never seen any of the Godfather films and so I've been angling to work through them with her for a long time. As sacrilege as this may be to some film fans, I suggested we watch them almost like a Netflix series, watching chapters from each film seperately, working through the entire series over the course of several weeks or maybe even a month or two.

This first film is so majestic in the way it plays even after decades, even after a thousand viewings. The textures of the locations and the language is intoxicating.

But it's all about Pacino. Even in a film where a master (Brando) is at his heights, the transformation that Michael makes and the rationality of his actions (or at least, our ability as the viewer to rationalize with him) make this film one of the greatest ever made.  

5 stars