Joel's 100 Films in 2015: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

43. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Watched 11/23/15

When the Harry Potter film series split up the last book (to "allow the story to breathe") I was ecstatic. I adored the books and wanted to spend every moment I could with those characters and in that world. When I saw the film, I enjoyed it, but I saw the seams in a few places where it perhaps would've been best served by not stretching things out.

I also got a little sad, because I saw that this was very likely to be a trend in Hollywood and here is the latest example. The Hunger Games series is in many ways the pinnacle of Young Adult Literature translation to screen. The second and third films especially did a great job of adding to the story as presented in the books by bringing visual info to bear and playing even more heavily into the themes of propaganda and media bias. But it mostly falls apart here in the finale.

Katniss' story has never had a satisfying conclusion to my mind and I can't fault the film for following the book, but where as the other films in the series had heightened the artistry (to my mind) this one merely transposes, and sometimes clumsily.

3.5 stars