Joel's 100 Films in 2015: Magic Mike XXL

44. Magic Mike XXL

Watched 11/24/15

Magic Mike is perhaps the most unlikely "franchise" in the history of Hollywood. A weird little art-picture produced by a semi/sometimes retired director, Steven Soderbergh that includes lengthy male strip scenes, but also real pathos and a strange serious side-swipe in the middle of the action is generally the kind of thing that might find an audience and a long-term reputation as a great movie, but not generally a sequel.

This is largely more of the same, a little odd-deep character work, a little bare chests and ripped abs, and a lot of 90's music to score everything with.

While I was enamored with the first one in many ways, this one didn't get me. Or maybe I didn't get it. Either way.

2.5 stars