Joel's 100 Films in 2015: You've Got Mail

50. You've Got Mail

Watched 12/28/15

"There's no one else. But there's the dream of someone else." - Kathleen Kelly

I had that dream once too. When my first marriage was over, and I was picking up the pieces of my life, that dream was a bright spot of hope. I never thought I'd marry again, and I had no prospects for a real relationship even, but I imagined someone more perfectly suited for me. Someone who made me smile again, who filled my heart with joy and made me want to write letters (or at least lengthy and poetry filled emails) to.

I didn't know her then, and I wouldn't have believed my current life then if you'd have shown it to me, but my Kelly was that dream.

Last night, as I lay in bed rewatching "You've Got Mail" and Kelly lay beside me dosing off, I told her so as that scene in the movie came up. I don't know if it came off to her quite as romantic as it felt in my head, but I think she got the point.

This movie is many things. Horribly dated because of the technology, fairly pedestrian in its plot twists and turns and more than a little sappy and sentimental. But it's also charming, and funny, and such a beautiful story of people finding each other in spite of themselves.

One of a series of "Rom-Com's" that to me always felt more like "Guy Movies" ("Something's Gotta Give" being another good example of this) and it has been, since it's release, one of my favorite movies. In the years since I saw it last, that hasn't changed one bit.

So, as I finally go to bed next to my Dream, heres a sincere wish that you all get your dream one day.

5 stars