Joel's 100 Films in 2015: Trainwreck

42. Trainwreck

Watched on 11/12/15

So, Amy Schumer is one of those celebrities that I'm just sure would absolutely adore me if we ever were to actually meet. Like, we'd be long lost best buddies from moment one.

Having that kind of personal approval on your side going into a movie makes it much more likely that you'll enjoy the movie itself. Add in the fact that a supporting character is your favorite basket ball player and it's basically impossible to fail, right?

As much as I enjoyed the movie and as excited as it made me for Amy's future films, it also exposed a big problem in Judd Apatow movies. He lets his performers improv through many scenes in the movie, resulting in these amazing and original one liners that are often traded back and forth between the characters. 

But they volley too many times. It ends up playing as false because real people would never come up with so many at once. The scenes play loose and unfinished because each exchange goes so long. 

Once you've notice it, it's basically impossible to overlook. You're welcome. Now I've ruined Judd Apatow for you too. Ha.

I still love you, Amy. 

4 stars.