Joel's 100 Films in 2015: SPECTRE


Watched on 11/11/15

As Star Wars morphs in the hands of Disney from a series of films to a full on era-spanning franchise that will roll on into the future, I've looked a lot at the Bond series for some of the pitfalls and pros for Disney to learn from the super-spy.

The primary thing I hope Lucasfilm copies about EON productions is the ability to walk the fine line of incorporating the trends of modern cinema while not subsuming what makes the series unique.

The trailers and hype for this film had me pretty sure that I'd figured it all out before ever watching the first frame of the film. Pleasantly, I got what I wanted, but not exactly all the way I expected.

If this ends up being Daniel Craig's last mission, it'll be a fitting conclusion to his time as Bond. If we get one more outing with this team, then I think we're set up for something truly special. I won't give it away right here, but I'll talk about it in full at some later date. 

Regardless of what comes next, her Majesty's Secret Service will be well covered and we'll all get to enjoy the adventures. 

5 stars