My Favorite Picture of Mom

There are a lot of great photos of my mother. I went back and forth over about 15 this morning before settling on this one. I always come back to this one.

That collar though! Seriously, break this out of the closet. 

First, 'cause that's an amazing suit pops is wearing, but mostly because of the look on Jamie Hodges Sharpton's face. My mom has had that look on her face for most of the last 35 years. Through good times and bad, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer. She does not always agree with him, and her voice is always heard. It's her strength that I'm so glad I inherited, even if it combined with his stubbornness to make me almost impossible to change.


But agree or disagree, Mom has always had that look in her eye for Dad. That's pretty amazing. It's been a wonderful center to hold onto as I brute force my way through the problems of life. No matter how hard the blow, when I clear my head and get up, Mom and Dad are still right where they were. And always behind me.


I owe her thanks for lots of things but first I owe her thanks for this. For that look. And for hanging onto it amidst the storms.


Happy birthday, Mom. Hope you and your Love celebrate it in style, and pretend it's 35 years ago. :)