What Joel Talked about Last Week 10/04/2015

Monday, I was a guest on Ramona Rice's excellent podcast, The Sports Gal Pal Podcast, to talk about my history with sports. We had some technical issues and the audio quality isn't up to her or my normal standards, but the conversation is awesome. We talked about my love for LA Tech, and privilege to cover their games with Tech Gameday. We discussed me living in New Orleans for the Saints Super Bowl (and how I ended up showing my butt that night, literally), and the future of the NCAA. Listen right here:

Also on Monday, we released the "re-review" of Ivy Envy on Always Listening. Corey, Kurt and Andy cover the Chicago Cubs like no one else, and we cover THEM like no one else in this episode. Josh and I discuss the show and what we like about it, then we're joined by Corey Fineran for a behind the scenes chat about the show and its history.

On Wednesday, we celebrated the 2nd Annual International Podcast Day by releasing another episode of Always Listening. Josh was under the weather with a severe toothache, so I held it down solo sharing a piece of our very first podcast episode we ever recorded together.

Thursday, brought a new episode of What Makes Me Weird, and the second entry in the ongoing saga that is Modern American Love Story. This is a series that my wife (Kelly) and I started in April of 2013 (Part 1 released the day we got married) detailing our story together. Catch Part 1 here, and then listen to this week's episode. (Part 3 will be released on What Makes Me Weird? soon, and Part 4 records in November)