Joel's 100 Films in 2015: Beasts of the Southern Wild

31. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Watched 8/30/15

One of those movies you know you'll enjoy when you end up watching it, everyone you know (that knows good movies) has said it's great, and yet it never makes it to the top of the queue. A movie you know you should watch more than you want to watch it.

And it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. The film is at times too sentimental, at times to stark and cold. In one scene fanciful and fantastical, in another all too real and raw.

But we meet Hushpuppy here, and how could I ever go back to a world where I don't know Hushpuppy?

The little girl that remade Annie (and absolutely did it justice, no matter what your thoughts going into it) brought us a look into the Bathtub first with Beasts of the Southern Wild.  I'm so g

lad I went and took a look.


5 stars