What Makes Joel Sharpton Weird: Eating Habits

Last week, I officially launched What Makes Me Weird with Joel Sharpton, so what better way to christen the show than to discuss one of my own weirdnesses?


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This isn't the first time anywhere that I've described or discussed my eating habits, I did that years ago with "This is the Bus to Crazytown..." but I've now done it in the easy to digest "put it in your ear" format of a podcast. With the lovely tones of my wife, Kelly to walk you through the crazy that is me.

I hope you enjoy the episode, I'd love to hear your feedback (especially, if you or a loved one has an extreme eating habit to discuss, I'd love to follow up on this at some point) with an email to makesmeweird@gmail.com or by leaving a comment below.

On that note, if you've got something that sets you apart that you think would make a good episode of my show, let me know, I'm always looking for other weirdos. ;)