Joel's 100 Films in 2015: Ant-Man

29. Ant-Man

Watched on 8/22/15

Paul Rudd's casting as Scott Lang was one of the biggest surprises of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe for me. But after sitting with it for a while, it began to feel like another genius stroke for the studio who has yet to open a movie at anything other than #1.

After finally seeing the latest entry into Disney's mega franchise, my original belief that they'd made a misstep was totally wrong. Rudd is perfect for what Ant-Man (the character and the film) is asked to do.

Michael Douglas was a different story. My only concern there was that he wouldn't be a long term addition to the universe (like Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce) but the baggage he brought personally to the role only allows for a better shorthand for the character of Hank Pym. We don't need to spend hours and hours with him, because we already have. Pym adopts most of what we know about Douglas and that serves the storyline very well.

Here's hoping that this pairing (and Evangeline Lilly as well) return not only in Captain America Civil War, but other future MCU outings. Rudd and Douglas have great chemistry already and Lilly shows tremendous promise as a modern day Wasp.

I'm so thankful that not only is Marvel making these connected movies but that they're taking the opportunity (and chance) to make different movies within the same universe. They all hang together, and build off of each other in interesting and unexpected ways, but they are free enough to branch out in different directions and provide varied experiences within the overarching storyline.

4 stars.