Pod on Pod is Retiring, Josh and Joel Aren't

Since May of 2012, pretty much every week, Josh Shirley and I have spent an hour or so together talking into microphones and then sharing that chat with the world.

First we did it just to be silly, and to make ourselves laugh, but last year the mission got bigger as we took on the job of spreading the good news of podcasts, both generally, and specifically by reviewing a different podcast every week as Pod on Pod.

We've reviewed more than 70 podcasts in that time, and have gained a whole new respect for the medium, the producers and the fan bases.

It would be pretty impossible to have done all that without the help of TeamProCreate and specifically Rob Goldman and Jeremy McKnight. They've been cheerleaders, tech support, soundboards, graphic designers and more for us and we will be forever thankful.

But for a while, Josh and I have been looking to really shake things up with the show. We think we can do more, be better and build an even better platform for the expansion of this "badass clubhouse" of ours, to quote a friend.

When we reviewed ESPN's Fantasy Focus Football show for PoP, we ended up making friends with the producer of that show (and a whole host of other ESPN properties), Jay Soderberg, better known as PodVader. Jay was direct, complimentary and just as excited about our show as we were. It was a friendship we maintained as he left the Mothership and joined BlogTalkRadio as their Head of Content. 

When we finally got to meet the man behind the Pod, Jay was everything in person that he had been on the web, but he now had a real grasp of what his new employer was doing, and a desire to bring on some new shows. 

A few phone calls and emails later, we are the newest members of the BlogTalkRadio family. That has already caused a few hiccups for some of our listeners as the hosting switch made some podcast apps download old episodes again, we want to extend our sincere apologies there. 

Why would you switch?  First and foremost, it's because of Jay. I'm excited about the opportunity to learn from his experience and improve my own game like he has done over the years.

Also, BTR gives us a great opportunity to expand. I'm already hosting two shows weekly, but there is another show bursting at the seams that this move will help us facilitate. First and foremost because of their great media hosting and new Hi-Fi web studio but also because of their monetization.

I know that's a dirty word for some podcasters and podcast fans, but it's one that I think of a lot as a father of four and full-time radio employee. I love what we do, and I'd love to do even more of it, but at some point it has to replace or supplement work in some way to do that. BTR has great relationships with advertisers and a solid deal with their content providers. It's really the best of all worlds and will only cost you an occasional advertisement. 

 So, if Pod on Pod is done, what's next?

Always Listening: Podcast Reviews from Josh and Joel. We'll have the first review ready on September 2nd, and other than a new logo, title and theme song, you can also expect a tighter format, more consistent release schedule and better prepared hosts (not different hosts, we're just finally getting our act together).

You can also expect more total content. We'll review a new podcast each week, and once a month release a special episode updating our review of a show we've already covered (with 70+ already in the can, there's lots to update). 

Are you bringing back earbuds? 

 No. But these guys are.

What if I don't like the new theme song? 

We only really play it at the end of the show, so you totally won't have to deal with it. 

What if I really liked the old theme song? 

So did I. It'll live on forever in our hearts and you can still hear it at the start of all of the first 70 or so episodes.  

Do I need to resubscribe? 

Short answer, probably not. Long answer, if you haven't gotten our review of Foreign Language Podcasts (and seen the new logo and title) by Friday, I'd definitely resubscribe in iTunes or copy this RSS feed here and paste into your favorite podcast app to make sure you don't miss out.

Anything else, Podcast boy? 

Make sure you're subscribed to my other about to relaunch show, What Makes Me Weird? with Joel Sharpton (formerly Me and the Geek), and subscribe to my blog to make sure you hear about our next show first!

Oh and join this really cool Facebook group where we're sharing podcast suggestions, discussing our favorite shows and some that used to be and more right here. 

Again, a huge thank you to Jay Soderberg and Amy Domestico with BlogTalkRadio for making the move so easy, to Rob Goldman and Jeremy McKnight for helping incubate us and just for supporting podcasting amidst all of their other endeavors.

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