Pod on Pod AT Podcast Movement

Wow. What a weekend. I've already made it clear how awesome my time was at Podcast Movement 2015, but on Saturday afternoon, Josh and I had the opportunity to record right on the floor of the conference using Shawn Smith's TheMobilePro.net setup. Shawn is amazing, and thanks to him our show sounds great too, even though we took zero gear and did the show in the middle of a busy (and noisy) conference hallway. Oh, and we recorded this all to my iPhone.

Seriously, if you have ANY interest in recording remotely, you should check out Shawn's site and especially his new video guide explaining how to do it all. It's a crazy low price right now, and will only get better with time as he's updating it constantly for new hardware and software.

Click Here to find out more about Shawn's new video guide!

We're not done "unpacking" all the things we learned from the event. We haven't even told you about how we both hung out with Rob Cestornino, or how I met Roman Mars, or we both hung out with Marc Maron.

Anyway, here's our reaction in the moment. More to come soon.

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