Podcast Movement 2015

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It's hard for me to even begin to explain my love for podcasting. If I had never had a show, even if I was never able to launch my own in the future, podcasting would still would be the source of thousands upon thousands of hours of entertainment and education for me personally. The joy of having my own life recorded and preserved through the medium has taken it to an even higher level.


But the relationships I've formed with other human beings across state and national borders, racial, political, religious and idealogical lines as we've bonded over this shared passion has solidified this as the calling of my life. All that happened as I joined forums and Facebook groups, immersing myself in the community and just adding profile pictures to the voices in my head. 


Then Jared Easley and Dan Franks, two of those voices with newly added profile pictures came into my life, or at least my online circle. Dan is a wrestling fanatic, general cool guy from the DFW metroplex who seeks Tomahawks on his podcast alongside Jack Drastic. Jared is a family man, good ole southern boy living in sunny Florida who starves his doubts with Komanzi Constable. 


Also, they built a little house called Podcast Movement. An exciting new conference with perhaps a bit too heavy a focus on entrepreneurial podcasts in 2014 has become THE event for podcasters just a year later. 


Here's a quick list of the people I've had at least a moment or two of actual face time and conversation over the past weekend:

Rob Cesternino and I each give this picture, zero earbuds. 

Roman Mars, Jeff Brown, Tim Sinclair, Wayne Henderson, Rob Cesternino, Nikki Silva, Lea Thau, Cliff Ravenscraft, Rob Walch, Chel Hamilton, Ramona Rice, Bill Nowicki, Dan Benjamin and Sarah Koenig.

Podcasters in Plaid

Oh, and Marc WTF'ing Maron. Yep, Boomer Lives! This stuff made my life, truthfully.


That's all without mentioning the real friendships I've formed with Corey and Tawny Fineran, Nick Seuberling, Shawn Smith, Cale Ownby, Jonathan Oakes and Jay Soderbergh


That's all without knowing exactly how the improvements we'll bring to Pod on Pod, and that I'll bring to Me and the Geek, as well as the secret podcast ideas I have that you don't even know about yet, will help entertain, inform, inspire or otherwise tickle your fancy.


That's what Podcast Movement has done for me. That's the thanks I owe Dan Franks and Jared Easley. 

So, as I begin to catch up on the mountain of overdue work on my desk, and plot out my next few months of episodes, other than family birthdays and official holidays there's only one event on my 2016 calendar already. 


I'll see you in Chicago.