Two Years Ago, Two Babies to Go

Two years ago today, this happened. 

Well, technically speaking THIS happened about 20 weeks earlier... 

We got a glimpse at not one, but TWO babies, growing quickly and healthily in Kelly's belly.

How did I react? I believe the specific words were, "You're kidding me. You're kidding me." over and over again for roughly 20 minutes or so.

Sometimes, like this morning, as I'm sitting in the floor playing with the two of them, I still mumble under my breathe, "You're kidding me!"

But they are no practical joke. They are vibrant, excited, intelligent, beautiful little girls, who are growing far too fast for their papa's preference. 

Twins is a magical thing. If it ever got to a point where that was lost on me, a simple trip to the grocery store, church, or just the corner would fix it. We're stopped everywhere, everyone wants to say hello and verify that they're actually twins.  I can't blame them. I'd want to wave and talk to these two little girls too.

That pretty lady holding them on the other hand gets cat-calls and butt-pats. 

I love my family so much. All five of them, and to think we didn't realize how big we'd be and much love we'd all have until two years ago today.