is Dead! Long Live TwoGuysOnePodcast!

My original podcast, launched in May of 2012, has fully run it's course. The last episode was actually produced last summer, 2014, but I've held out hope that we might do a holiday special at some point or something similar.

Alas, for many reasons, it is not to be. But, in endings, celebrations can come.

So, today, a celebration, that's better announced via video, since that's what it's about.


So, my friends, I come not to mourn Two Guys One Podcast, but to celebrate it for what it was, still is and soon will be. If you're an audio hound like me, get thee to iTunes and download those old episodes before they're gone for good this Friday (July 31st, 2015). But also on that day, begins the re-release of every episode as a YouTube video (no fancy graphics, just the episode title and logo, so don't get too excited). You'll get three videos available on Friday, and a new video every Monday and Friday afterward until the full run is available, streaming anytime you want it.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the YouTube Channel!