Joel's 100 Films in 2015: Maleficent

21. Maleficent

Watched 7/2/2015

I was was as cautious and generally pessimistic about the Disney live action "remakes" of their animated catalog as anyone, but so far, I've really enjoyed "Great and Powerful Oz" (not strictly speaking a part of this new trend), not hated "Alice in Wonderland" and now been pleasantly surprised (even after hearing good things) with "Maleficent."

Everything I'd heard personally from people about the film had been positive and most critics generally liked it, but some reason I just really didn't expect much from this. But I loved it.

Jolie is amazing as the title fairy, she brings shades of grey to the early scenes, dutifully hits notes from the animated "Sleeping Beauty" and still brings something new to the role in the end.

The rumors all say there is a sequel coming and I, for one, would be glad to spend more time in this world.

5 stars