Joel's 100 movies in 2015: Jesus Christ Superstar


16. Jesus Christ Superstar

Watched 04/05/15

This is one of those movies I heard about for years before I saw it. Misconstrued and jumbled together with The Last Temptation of Christ  by my local congregation, I thought this movie was sacrilege and verboten until I happened to catch it on PBS one Easter. Seeing our Lord dance and sing is obviously not for every Christian. Neither is seeing Judas portrayed so...favorably doesn't seem like the right word, but at least humanely. He's relatable, I suppose is the problem  for a lot of Christians that watch this. And they don't like to imagine they might agree with Judas.

Having watched this film a dozen times over the years, listened to the soundtrack and original recording until I've got them memorized, even seen Nealy perform as Jesus in person on his "final tour", I still adore it. There are moments that are less magical than they once were, but many more that still make my eyes twinkle and my lips curl into a smile even just thinking about them.

5 stars.