Joel's 100 Movies in 2015: Muppets Most Wanted


13. Muppets Most Wanted 3/14/15

"We're doing a sequel!"

I think I made it clear reviewing The Great Muppet Caper that I love the muppets. Like, really, really love them. But I hadn't seen this movie because I'd heard it was terrible. And I didn't want my heart broken.

My heart's not broken, and it's not TERRIBLE, but it's more forgettable than almost any other Muppet movie and, for me, is on par with some of the lesser Muppet TV specials (think Merry Muppet Christmas).

it's Kermit, it's Piggy etc, so it can't be all bad. But there is little other than a terrible Tina Fey accent to recommend this one.

2 and a half stars.