On Writing, and a Year without It

More than a year ago, I posted my last entry to this blog. I'd posted less frequently before that for a year or so, but before that I'd gone through a pretty prolific phase of writing and publishing here or on one of the other places this blog has called home over the years.The reasons my posts had become less frequent (and then after Thanksgiving, non-existent) are numerous but the active ingredients, so to speak, number only two. The birth of my twin daughters, and the birth of my new podcast.

In November of last year my permanent Christmas card lineup was finalized with the addition of Eutaw and Nola, our beautiful twin daughters. Honeybun and I have been overwhelmed and overloaded ever since the day they came into our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way.

While I've been podcasting since 2012, it was last May that we launched Pod on Pod, a podcast review show, and it's been my main side project ever since. Josh and I are really proud of what we've built there, this past November we reviewed two shows every week used nothing but listener submitted shows all month.

We're creating some great audio every week, even if I do say so myself, and I couldn't be more proud of what we've done and are doing.

So, with rambunctious infant twins and a fledgling podcast to maintain, not to mention my marriage, full time job or two elementary age sons, I imagine you can forgive my lack of writing. If not, come babysit sometime and I'll be sure and crank out a few choice posts just for you.

But I do have things to say quite frequently. Facebook is fine for lots of it, Twitter ideal for other things, but long form writing is often how I've worked out my own ideas, and I've always loved having a snapshot of my thoughts online as a record. For me, for my kids someday, for anyone interested in the ongoing experiment that is Joel.

So, I'm back. Or I'm gonna try to be. The current plan is to watch and review 100 movies this year. I've seen 6 already and you'll start seeing those reviews later today.

I'll also occasionally try to write about something else. I'm interested in lots of different topics, and I know many of them don't cross over for anyone who follows me, so feel free to just let these pass you by if you realize it's not for you. But I hope some of you read even the stuff that seems like it's not meant for you. Because I've often found those are the posts that have affected me and moved me intellectually, spiritually, emotionally or just humorously the most.

All that last stuff goes for the movies you don't think you'd like too!