Some Pondering on the Question of Edward Snowden

After seeing a meme of Ron Paul discussing the Snowden situation on Facebook today, I started this conversation:I'm interested to hear your take on Snowden's recent actions. Especially the recent admissions that his entire intention in getting the job was to gain access to secrets in order to release them.

He did the American people a great service by exposing the extent to which we're all under surveillance. But, his comments and admissions to other world governments, his choices for refuge and the fact that all of this was premeditated has me second guessing his status as a "hero".

It's an impossible situation to be in, no doubt, and I don't presume to know how I would act or who I might look to for help if I was in it, but then again, I never set out to find my government's secrets and release them. I'd like to think that in a world in which I'd made such a decision for myself, it would have been made with the knowledge that my life was forfeit and that the only importance was the release of the information and the validity with which the American people held it once I released it.

Getting in bed with Russia and China, and talking about how this was all planned from the beginning are not ways to get the average American to view you as anything more than a spy.

Having said all of that, just because the circumstances look "fishy" doesn't mean that Snowden is, in fact, a "spy". Tough stuff, interested to see what the Administration says about it (the petition to pardon has reached the threshold for the White House to issue an official response).