From My Blog: June 15, 2008 A Letter to My Son

On my first Father's Day, I wrote my son a letter.It was as much about me and my dad as about my son and I. There's some good stuff in there, and it's nice to have it written down since five years later, I'm not much better at remembering to tell my loved ones how much I love them.

My favorite part of this is my wishes for Son #1 and of course now, they extend to Deuce and the upcoming Little Bit.

A great love, a great mind, a great imagination, a great friendship and a great spirit.

Son #1 and Deuce's mother and I may no longer be together, but my desire for my children to find their great love isn't diminished. I'm living proof that Second Act's often have the best parts, and Honeybun is more than I could ask for or deserve as a partner and wife. She's become a great mom too, or "Bonus Mom" as the boys call her sometimes. She's tender, firm, consistent and even better at anticipating their needs and freakouts than I am.

I've been blessed in my life so much with health and opportunity, friendship and love, this one almost feels like too much at times. But as I spend this Father's Day weekend preparing to become a Father all over again, it's Mom's that I'm thinking about most. The boys' mother. My mom. The boys new "Bonus Mom" and the wonderful Mother that my newest child will have when he or she gets here this Christmas.

Happy Father's Day weekend! Make sure you tell Dad how much you love him and miss him this weekend, but don't forget the Mom's that keep it all together.