My Thoughts on iOS 7 and Apple's New Groove

"Can't innovate anymore, my ass." - Phil Schiller, WWDC 2013 KeynoteiPhone

With that line, Phil got a lot of laughs, and he got me excited about what's next from Apple.

Alright, realistically, I was predisposed to be excited. I own an iPhone 5 (that I just traded up to from my iPhone 4s, this is my 4th generation so far), an iPad mini (I now run my life from this device), an iMac (the 27" just to make you jealous). My sons each have an iPad mini (Deuce's is currently in the shop for repairs), and Honeybun has the iPad 3 (as well as Macbook Pro and an iPhone from before the marriage, she's got such good taste). We've got an Apple TV on each television in the house and an Airport Express Base station running it all.

I'm living the white and aluminum lifestyle, is what I'm saying.

But the criticism recently that Apple has been lagging behind the competition (Samsung and Google primarily, although Microsoft has wowed me with a few of their ideas lately as well) wasn't completely bogus, in my estimation. I'm not a Google user anymore, but even I had liked what I'd seen recently as regards the design changes and updates to Gmail, Android and their latest devices with their branding are actually pretty nifty. I'm not on board for Glass yet, but I do see the inevitability and the utility of wearable computing. It's coming, sooner rather than later, but I don't think it's Glass that will win the masses and start the next revolution.

Samsung has swallowed entire industries before and while I feel they tend to stall once they become the market leader, no one can doubt their ability to play catch up. It's been truly remarkable to see them destroy what was just a year ago a wide market of mobile phone companies. Samsung cannot be ignored.

Turns out though, that Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Schiller, Federighi and the Oompa-Loompas Jobs left behind to man the design shops, weren't just twiddling their thumbs and rolling around in their massive cash pile. They were working on what's next.

It's flatter. It's more functional. It's certainly as fun and personal as ever. But there is no doubt that iOS 7 is a departure from the past. There are parts that look very much the same, but when the big new release comes, and all those people who have loved their iPhones and iPads when they've never even enjoyed computers before MAY be a little upset. It looks different. Very different. If they can move past the surprise (or Apple does enough preparing the masses between here and public release) then most will find it works pretty much the same, better even. Simpler in some ways, more direct. But Apple is taking a chance here.

And I'm always excited when industry giants are willing to take chances even while enjoying great success.

iOS 7 launches this fall, likely alongside a new iPhone or iPhones and will be a free upgrade. See the link for more details.