From My Blog May 25, 2012: Post Partisan Christians

A year ago, David French wrote an article about (you guessed it) Post-Partisan Christians.I've said before that having all my writing in one place is humbling. Here's a great example of a time when it's made me very proud. Here are two of my favorite bits, first my simplified layman's explanation of Christianity:

We believe that all humanity has the spirit of God within us. Not a picture of God, not a copy of the outline, not an idea about God, but the SPIRIT of God. Further, we believe that by recognizing the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and accepting it for yourself, our naturally occurring spirit of God is reinforced and strengthened by actual communion with our Deity. God, in us. That’s Christianity.

And my summary statement:

There is no Post-Partisan Christian. There was never a Partisan Christian. You can be a Republican Christian, she can be a Democrat Christian and I can be a Libertarian Christian. Because Politics isn’t religion and religion isn’t faith.

Amen, Brother Joel.