Two Guys, One Year: How I Became a Podcaster

2guys1podicon Hi. My name is Joel, and I'm a podcaster.

This wasn't always the case, of course. Once, I was just a legitimate radio personality. Sure, I'd dabbled in blogging once in awhile and was an avid Tweeter, but those are harmless.

Of course, I listened to podcasts. But still, what's wrong with listening. It's not like I was one of them.

But then one day I read this from Adam Wilcox and I thought, "Why not? Why aren't I one of them? Why don't I have a show?"

For a long time, the reason was that I didn't have a co-host. It's awfully hard to jump off into the ether if you're the only one jumping. Then I found the Other Guy. He's genuinely funny, quick witted, good-natured and just asshole enough to think he deserves to have other people listen to him talk about nonsense. We'd been friends for a while, and more than once I'd said I wish we were recording our conversations for other people to enjoy or at least for us to remember later. Then one day I sent him a text:

One Guy: We should record a podcast. We'll call it "Two Guys, One Podcast." and we'll intro it like this. 'I'm one guy', 'I'm the other', 'and this is the podcast.'

Other Guy: Ok then.

It was four days before we did record, and in that time, we had discussed a few ideas for things to talk about on the show, but mostly, we opened the mic and talked to each other, just like we did in our living rooms. I was so excited about that first show I edited it that night, then shared it with the Other Guy, his wife and Honeybun.

They liked it, surprisingly. I had such a good time with the whole thing, I talked Other Guy into recording a second episode the next day and from there, we were off and running. By the fourth episode we'd added a theme song from Professor Shyguy (I hate you, Brandt Cooley), the featured outro song, and started using bits from the show as our "intro". We had become a show. Other Guy was fully on board by this time too. He started pitching segments or bits, doing research on his own and sending me link after link of funny news stories to discuss. "Two Guys, One Podcast." was a real thing.

We stuck with a "home-rolled" podcast for the first nine weeks, using a combination of Dropbox, Feedburner and Tumblr to host and syndicate, but it was pretty complicated for me, and not nearly as user-friendly as we wanted to be. There are lots of podcast listeners, but we had lots of potential interest from people who'd never heard a podcast before. We needed to make it easy for it to be any good to people.

That's when I found Libsyn. They were (unbeknownst to me) the premier podcast hosting service in the world, with some of the most popular and listened-to shows on the web using their services. Libsyn is the service that Kevin Smith and Marc Maron and Adam Carolla and everyone else uses. Of course my show needed to be there too (humility is a great trait, but it doesn't help get Big Things started)!

It's a small financial commitment for us every month, one that is very unlikely to be recouped in the near term by advertisement or affiliate sales (buy something from Amazon through our links, won't you?). But the cost is nothing when considering the good times Other Guy and I (and our growing cast of characters) have spent together over the last year in that studio. The cost is nothing when considering how much fun it'll be to have this window into my younger days when I'm old and grey. The cost is nothing when considering that I get to share my friendship and our good times with the world.

It's a pretty cheap hobby to start with, but it's given me more than my money's worth in positive life experiences already. For those of you that are already Poddies, thank you. If you think a little funny is exactly what your ear has needed, please feel free to insert this into it.

Two Guys, One Podcast.

If you keep listening, we'll keep recording. Well, truthfully, we'll probably record whether you listen or not. It'll just be more fun if you're along for the ride. It's been exactly a year today since that first episode was released into the public. We're celebrating our birthday/anniversary whatever with a "Best of" episode to be released Wednesday at noon. I'll add the link here once it's up.

We've learned a lot in this last year. I can't wait to see where we are a year from now, when I'm putting the finishing touches on the "Best of Season 2"!2G1P-Actual Guys