From My Blog May 10, 2009: Every Daddy Has a Mama

On Mother's Day 2009, I posted my first public post about my mom.It's sweet if a little silly. Here's one section that's especially hitting home these days:

One of my favorite things about my mother is the way she incorporated Dad’s kids from his first marriage into our family. Angie and Jason (though they’re each a decade older) have always been my siblings, not my half-siblings. I think Mom’s as much to thank for that as anyone.

Since I just married my Honeybun, and she is currently settling into life as a step-mom (she prefers Bonus Mom), this is more than a little important to think about these days.

Mom and Dad's situation isn't just like ours. Every family is different. But it is nice to have her example and advice. And it's nice to have a partner that is so up for the task of Bonus Mom!

Happy early Mother's Day, to my mom and Grandmother, to my wife and ex-wife and to any Mom reading this. It's the hardest job in the world and no one will ever tell me different. From everyone who's ever been a son or daughter, we love you!