What Iron Man and The Avengers Taught Me About Being a Good Co-Worker

So, Iron Man 3 came out this past weekend. Perhaps you saw it?avengersboys

I finally got to last night. Honeybun and I found time in between work and kid-hauling and being blissfully newly-wed to check out the latest adventure of Tony Stark and the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Honeybun was especially impressed at a few of the nice touches in this film that not only tied it to last summer's The Avengers, but all the way back to the original Iron Man film. This has truly become the first cinematic universe, filled in by different writers and directors, eventually with even different lead actors (my money is on Robert Downey Jr. returning for one more round), the series has already recast background roles like Howard Stark.

Since the purchase of Marvel by Disney, this has been the buzz among the business sector, that Marvel has found "sticky media". You've probably heard people talk about the "halo effect" of buying your first Apple product and how that makes it exponentially more likely that you'll buy a second. Marvel has created a movie series that has that same "halo effect". Maybe Captain America isn't for you (it wasn't for me. I'd never liked the comics, didn't care for the character and didn't enjoy the trailers), but the Captain America movie will be the prequel for that Avengers film you're looking forward to, and you've heard that it will reveal that Tony Stark's dad was TIGHT with Captain America, that's GOT to be important down the line, right?

That's how they got me. And then it turned out that it was a pretty good movie (that's the second part to this magic trick). You see, the sticky nature of these films loses its adhesive if the quality drops significantly. Not every film has to be a $250 million epic interstellar adventure, but some of them do. For Apple to keep it's "halo," not every gadget has to change your life as much as the iPhone, but some of them must.

What did all this teach me about being a good co-worker? Nothing makes my job easier as a broadcaster than having successful broadcasters before me and after me on the air. One of our stations being popular (for listeners and advertisers) makes our other stations all the more attractive.

It's an old adage, and maybe you guys didn't need superheroes and billion dollar movie franchises to teach it to you, but a rising tide raises all ships. I knew that's true in life, and I've become a Progressive because of it, but I hadn't really adopted that philosophy at work. But it's even more true there. Support those around you, be a good neighbor to those that border your cubicle as well as your home, and see if it doesn't make you more productive this week.

But remember the second part of the magic trick, if you want all this goodwill and wishes for your co-workers to help your company and therefore your bottom line, then you've got to show up and be Iron Man once in a while. You're going to be responsible for the epic adventure, the life-changing gadget, the break-away successful show, the big sale. At least once in a while.

That's what being a team member means, you've got to pull your weight as often as possible and occasionally help bear everyone else's.