WWE Legends House: Call Me When Hogan Checks In

The WWE is apparently shopping a new reality series. What's it about?

Legends House was filmed in early 2012 and features Gene Okerlund, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hillbilly Jim, Howard Finkel, Jimmy Hart, Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson and Tony Atlas.

This has the potential to be an amazing piece of reality TV. Wrestlers are perfect for such a gig, since their ENTIRE schtick is "Reality TV", hyper-stylized and hyper-realized versions of themselves are all these guys know how to play.

However, the star power in this first group is slim. With Hogan (and maybe even Randy Savage plus one more similar star) would be enough for NBC to get interested for a summer slot I'd imagine. That should be the goal for Season 2 of "Legends House" or they're wasting their time.

Regardless, let me know when this thing is on. I can't wait to watch Piper, Mean Gene and Jim Duggan annoy each other again.