From My Blog May 4, 2006: We Are All Witnesses

8 years ago today, I was amazed by LeBron James:

LeBron has shown an ability to grow as a player and a leader that leaves me no doubt, that he will become one of the greatest players ever. And I get to watch. I get to watch his whole career, understanding the importance of every record he shatters. I get to appreciate his awareness of and admiration for those that came before him. I get to tell my kids about how I watched King James drop a triple double his first night in the postseason. I am a Witness. And damn, am I proud.

It took him a long time to finally grab the crown and the ring that comes with it, but now as he continues his first title defense, I'm convinced that barring injury, LeBron James will be widely recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time when he retires.

This season has been amazing, both for the records he and his team have broken and for the work-man-like way they've gone about it. It has been easy to overlook them this year, to forget how impressive the streak was or how accurate LeBron has become from the floor. But don't forget. Savor it. You're watching a Master at work, at the height of his abilities. Basketball fan or no, LeBron fan or no, Greatness is always worth watching and appreciating.

8 years later, I'm still appreciative. I'm still a Witness.