Something Borrowed: Squashed on Boston Bombing and Chickens Roosting

Did you hear my big news? If not, go Check it out, short-form or long-form, right after you read this.

An American teenager and his messed-up older brother built some bombs and killed people. This is not a rational response to empathizing with victims of U.S. wars. This is an excuse. When you’re defective enough, any excuse will do.

Just one good bit from a great post (there are few that aren't great) from Squashed. Please, do yourself a service and read the whole thing (and pretty much everything on his site for that matter).

One of the worst things about the 24 hour news cycle and the cable networks insular nature is that it gives us great footing to make these kinds of leaps in logic to fit our previously held opinions or beliefs.

A Muslim kid and his brother set bombs in Boston? Must be in retaliation to unpopular and immoral foreign policy.

A Muslim kid and his brother set bombs in Boston? Just another example of how violent and unreasonable THOSE people are.

See? It all depends on which preconceived notion you bring to the news.

Ugh. This entire story has me disgusted. I'm sad for the people who were injured or killed in Boston, and their families grieving or recuperating with them. I'm angry for the rush to toss out hundreds of years of established legal precedent because this guy is a "terrorist" nevermind that we get to redefine that word whenever it suits us. I'm sad for two young men who decided to throw their own lives away and change irreparably so many others in the process.

I'm all for limiting the American Military and especially for limiting military activism overseas, but jumping to the conclusion that these two brothers are another face of Al Qaeda or even Islamic extremism with the evidence we've seen so far is stretching it to say the least.

Remember the lesson of CNN reporting the arrest a day or two early, keep your opinion to yourself until it's backed up by real facts, not just your own suppositions.