From My Blog April 19, 2012: Goodbye to Google

Is-Google-still-worth-our-love-or-has-it-become-another-selfish-corporationOne year ago today, I gave up Google.Well, sorta.

It’ll take me a year or so to be able to turn the spigot off completely. I continue to use Google Reader, but only as a backend syncing solution for my RSS reader apps.

A year later, I still haven't "turned off the spigot" on the gmail account. I just get everything forwarded (once it's passed through a rigorous series of spam filters) to my actual email address. And I use the @me exclusively for sending emails. With consistent and sustained use, you'd be amazed how many people will eventually start sending mail to the correct address.

Of course, Google Reader was just given it's invitation to the big retirement farm upstate for all of Google's less desirable projects. So, I am now being forced by Google to abandon the last of their services that I actually love.

Of course, in the year since I gave up Google, there was a little hiccup with Apple Maps, and eventually a Google Maps alternative in the App store. I've downloaded it in case Apple Maps ever steers me wrong (bad pun alert) but so far, I like Apple maps better and it's been perfectly accurate so far. There is one dramatic gesture I made a year ago which I haven't lived up to.

My dissatisfaction as a consumer is so thorough that I’ve even switched my default search engines to Bing. That’s right, I’ve chosen Microsoft over Google.

That didn't hold up. Bing is fine, frankly, but I do a tremendous amount of image searching and I can find what I want faster and easier with Google than with Bing every time. Google+ integration or no.

I understand that I am not everyone. User experiences may vary, as they say. But I'm happy with the decision I made then. Here's to another year with even less Google.