Facebook's Rock and Its Hard Place

20130417-194446.jpgI finally got the new Facebook profile redesign on Tuesday. I should say the latest Facebook profile redesign since they redesign pretty regularly.

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out an update for its iPhone and iPad apps that includes the new "chat heads" feature that emulates the new Facebook Home for Android.

Of course a lot of people don't like these changes. Why not? Mostly because people don't like change. Ironically, this is a big problem for two other tech giants right now. Microsoft and Apple.

People don't like change, and generally will respond negatively to it (at least en mass, in small numbers or individually we can be quite adaptable). And yet, we are compelled to follow and attain the new as well. We bore easily, and yet refuse to learn.

So Microsoft crashes and burns with Windows 8 and the new used-to-be-Metro-interface, but is also suffering as people adopt smartphones and tablets to replace their dying or aging PCs.

So Apple will face a backlash if they change too much with the upcoming iOS 7, but they already stand accused in the media of "standing pat" and becoming complacent and stagnant with their current interface.

So Facebook is constantly harassed by its users to make its mobile apps faster and more full-featured and by its stockholders to increase profitability per user, but they're also decried and threatened every time the update doesn't look or act just like users are used to.

This is the penalty for being ubiquitous. You have all of the people and as Daniel Day Lewis made clear 4 score and 7 years ago, you can't please them all, all of the time.