Tossing Out Disguises

louisck110523_250To me the way to manage is not to have 50 versions of yourself

Just one drop of brilliance from an interview with Louis C. K. which you should go read now and then come back to read the rest of this. But I wanted to highlight this quote because I think it is the absolute key to the turnaround in my life. In the past three years I've gotten rid of  stuff that I didn't need. A lot of it. When I moved at the end of March it was the easiest move of my life because my amount of unnecessary stuff is at an all time low.

That same whittling away has happened inside me too. I've given up a lot of pretense and a lot of false faces I'd used in the past. I'm not talking about malicious misdirection or lying to your friends and associates, I'm just describing the same masks and personas we all tend to adopt at work or school, with our parents or in-laws. Louis' is right. Having 50 versions of yourself is exhausting. It hinders our productivity, utility and happiness. It degrades our relationships with others because the connection is filtered by our masks.

Being yourself all the time isn't for everyone. I'm a DJ, which means I mostly work alone. I do a lot of web work which means I can often work from home. I have a small group of friends and live in a small town. I'm not everyone's experience. But I'd be willing to bet everyone can discard a mask or two. Trim your of disguises. See if it's not easier to keep everything straight. See if you don't get more done. See if you and those around you aren't happier.