From My Blog April 7, 2007: One Whiteboy's Opinion

April 7, 2007: One Whiteboy's OpinionOne of the great things about having all of my writing collected in one site like this is that it makes it very easy to follow my political and philosophical arc. This isn't a great post, and the joke headline belittles what is at times a genuine searching for understanding of the issues of race in our country. Better writers than (and definitely writers more equipped to give this issue and the two blunders from Gingrich and Imus the retort they deserved) I had already covered these stories when I commented. But I love this part:

I’m not really in any minority. The closest I come is that several generations ago my ancestors crossed the ocean from Ireland. They were a minority, downtrodden and despised. But those days are long over (everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, remember). The Irish went from “No Irish Need Apply” to the White House to beloved part of American society. The days of me being discriminated against are over.

So maybe I can’t put myself in the shoes of someone who still lives with oppression and discrimination.

But of course, you can put yourself in the shoes of others. You've got to take your shoes outside your house and probably out of your neighborhood, but you can go there if you want. I'm proud of the progress I've made in understanding the privilege I enjoy unconsciously and the myriad lifestyles and experiences that make up the American public. I'm proud even  when I have been badly wrong-headed on an issue, I was thinking it through, talking it through and writing it down. You can't reassemble and dissect what you don't record.

You can totally face-palm and be embarrassed by your logic from the past.