Today's Reason to Hate Bobby Jindal: Jindal vs. Librarians

cdn-media.nationaljournal.comI hate Bobby Jindal. And that's saying something, because I don't hate many people. Mostly I hate him because I used to buy into his rhetoric. I supported Jindal in at least two Gubernatorial campaigns. It's one of the things I'm most regretful of in my life. Why?

Because he is running my state into the ground (when it was already in a pretty much permanent state of disarray). Here's a recent Jindal proposal, if you live in the state of Louisiana go read this.

If you don't (or, if you're unconvinced that my "urgent read" is the same as your "urgent read" I'll give you the best part.

The proposal would:

• Not require school systems to participate in a school accreditation program every five years and receive a certification classification

• No longer require certification of teachers

• Allow for the elimination of the positions of school counselors, physical education teachers and school librarians

And my favorite:

• Do away with the requirement of taking roll for virtual (course choice) classes, thereby eliminating any assurance of a student’s attending the course

Which would end up giving us this problem:

Apparently the discretion for awarding course credit is totally in the hands of the providers and they have every incentive to do so because they get paid in full as soon as they say the student has completed the course. So the provider can be paid and the student can get credit for a course when he may not have received adequate instruction.

The idea is that it gives authority and flexibility to local school districts, but what it does is gut standards, funding and personnel. Of course, this is really not a problem for the kinds of people Jindal interacts with or cares about.

I live in Lincoln Parish. One of the most prosperous parishes in Louisiana and generally highly ranked in per-capita income for a county nationwide. Our schools will probably be fine, because rich people live here (even if I'm not one of them) and they won't let their town fall apart too badly. But most of my state is not so lucky. A tremendous number of the students in this state live below or near the poverty level. A number of our parishes are among the poorest communities in America. Hunger, poverty, basic medical care, even infrastructure and transportation in rural areas of the state are real issues, not just things from our past.

Bobby Jindal does not care about the people of Louisiana. He is lining the pockets of his corporate overlords and patting the backs of his party leaders to continue in his maniacal scramble for power.

If I've gotten you all fired up, I'd suggest checking out this great letter from a Louisiana teacher that outlines even more of Jindal and his administration's misdoings.

There's today's reason to hate Bobby Jindal. 2015 and the ejection of his keister from the Governor's mansion cannot come soon enough.